fuck sg but that msi tattoo is bangin 

Oh! Hey, thanks! :D I think?

But, you know, if we could please keep some credit on these from this point out… photo of me (Annasthesia) by corwinprescott for

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"My mind is darker than my soul."

~ Lydia T.

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Can I live here?
Could I at least shoot here?

Fine. :/

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It’s my birthday tomorrow.

Yay, I’m still old. :3

the-courior asked:
I gotta ask, what neopets do you have?? I used to be totally obsessed when I was a kid

Right now I have a Sponge Aisha, a Pirate Draik, a Magma Krawk, and two lab rats, a Robot/Striped Ogrin and a Blue Eyrie. I ball hard.

I Love Cosplay Deviants

They make me feel real loved.

I’m hoping to re-shoot my 2015 calendar submission as Wicked Lady, with all the fixens’ this weekend or next. Keep yer eye holes peeled. ♥

benderific asked:
You are simply stunning in every way. How long have you been with sg

I started as a ‘hopeful’ on SG in the summer of 2009, and had my first set bought in Nov 2011, making me an official Suicide Girl. That set was “Geeky”, which I shot with alissabrunelli in Miami earlier that year. Before that I had submitted 5 other sets that almost all scored 96% or higher.  None of those were ever purchased, but 2 of which are still up on the site.

And thank you very much ;) ♥

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